Energy-Efficient Building Control Systems





CBXi-8R8, CBXi-8R8-H, CBX-8R8, and CBX-8R8-H controllers are designed for a wide range of energy management applications for intelligent control of HVAC equipment such as Central Plant, Boilers, Chillers, Cooling Towers, Pump Systems, Air Handling Units (Constant Volume, Variable Air Volume and Multi-zone), and Rooftop Units, Electrical systems such as lighting control, variable frequency drives and metering.


The CBT-3T6-5R is a 14-point Unitary BTL Listed BACnet Advanced Application Controller. This field controller is suitable for controlling a variety of small to medium-sized HVAC equipment such as:

  • Rooftop Units
  • Fan Coil Units
  • Heat Pumps
  • Unit Ventilators
  • Custom Unitary Equipment

BACnet MS/TP Advanced Application Controllers (B-AAC)
CBV Series BACnet VAV Controllers are part of the CB LINE.
CBV-2U4-3T and CBV-2U4-3T-N are BTL Listed BACnet Advanced Application Controllers (B-AAC) with 2 UniPuts, 4 Universal Inputs and 3 Triac Digital Outputs, and an integrated airflow sensor. CBV-2U4-3T features a Belimo actuator with a brushless DC motor.
The -N variant has a facility for connection to an external actuator. The CBV-2U4-3T-N can be used in retrofit building applications to help reduce cost by reusing existing actuators.
The freely programmable CBV Series can be tailored to meet a variety of applications using the pre-loaded and configurable application library or by creating and modifying strategies using CXproHD.


With simple configuration, tool-less installation, enhanced integration, and high-powered performance, the INTEGRA™ IT-8000 controller provides ultimate flexibility in connecting and controlling buildings worldwide.

  • Remote connectivity allows control, monitoring, and management of field controllers
  • Scalable hardware and software make it suitable for installation in small building to large campus applications
  • The INTEGRA-Supervisor software can connect multiple IT-8000 controllers and their data to provide aggregated information, such as archiving, master scheduling, real-time data, history, and alarms to create a single, unified application.

The licensing model for the INTEGRA™ IT-8000 controller is scalable and features standard drivers along with optional I/O and field bus expansion modules for ultimate flexibility and expandability. The INTEGRA™ IT-8000 controller operates with Niagara Framework® for optimum performance.

Johnson Controls



  • Sleek and modern packaging and styling
  • Standard hardware and software platform
  • High memory capacity and fast processing power
  • Auto-Tuned Control Loops
  • Patented Proportional Adaptive Control (P-Adaptive) and PRAC
  • Standard BACnet protocol
  • Models to support BACnet MS/TP, with auto-detection of the network communication protocol.

The CGM09090 and CGM04060 General Purpose

Application MS/TP Controllers (CGs) are equipment controllers that run pre-engineered and user programmable applications, and provide the inputs and
outputs required to monitor and control a wide variety of HVAC and other facility equipment. CG series controllers operate on an RS-485 BACnet® MS/TP Bus as BACnet Advanced Application Controllers (B-AACs) and integrate into Johnson Controls® and third-party BACnet systems. CG series controllers include an integral real-time clock, which enables the controllers to monitor and control schedules, calendars, and trends, and operate for extended periods as stand-alone controllers when offline from the Facility Explorer® system network.



The CV series controllers are designed for variable air volume (VAV) box applications. CV series controllers feature 14 preloaded standard applications to allow this controller to operate standard VAV box equipment with a proven energy-efficient sequence of operation, without the need for programming.These controllers are also fully programmable, using the Controller Configuration Tool (CCT), providing the flexibility to create custom control sequences.CV series controllers feature an integral damper actuator, a digital Differential Pressure Transmitter (DPT) sensor, and a 32-bit microprocessor.CV series controllers also include an integral real-time clock, which enables the controllers to monitor and control schedules, calendars, and trends, and operate for extended periods of time as stand-alone controllers when offline from the Facility Explorer system network. CVM controllers communicate using BACnet MS/TP



The FX80 Supervisory Controller is a web-based supervisory-class controller in the Facility Explorer® product family. The FX80 controller manages networks of field controllers using open communication protocols, such as BACnet®, LonWorks®, and N2 protocols. The FX80 controller supports a full set of building automation features, such as scheduling, alarming, historical data collection and management, data sharing, energy management, totalization, customized control routines, tagging, templates, search, and hierarchies, which are specifically designed for commercial facilities.
Each FX80 controller includes a graphical system user interface with an HTML5 web profile, a configuration tool that you can access with the web browser, and robust security. Remote access is easily achieved using a wired or wireless connection from the Internet or intranet. Multiple users can concurrently connect to the FX80 controller. You can manage security and presentation preferences through user profiles, login IDs, and passwords. The FX80 Supervisory Controller is a compact DIN rail mountable controller with the capability for remote external input and output points. In addition, the FX80 controller's hardware and software design is modular, so you can plug in accessories, such as communications option modules, if needed. The device and point licensing options allow you to select the device and point capacity most appropriate for the size of your facility and those options best needed to control it. And, in many cases, future expansions do not require the replacement of hardware.